Question My new build is acting weird...

Dec 14, 2022
Ever since I build this pc I wasn't able to use it properly. I've tried playing 3 different games (crysis 2, bioshock 2 and minecraft) but my GPU maxes out at 100% usage and then the game crashes either while loading or randomly during playtime.
Google Chrome is also impossible to use, it either closes randomly or I get an error.

I also started getting random blue screens of death at least once every other day.

Here's what I tried so far:
Reinstalling fresh windows 3 times
Buying new power supply
Reinstalling GPU driver with DDU
Updating bios and clearing CMOS
Changing RAM (3 times...)
Testing gpu in different pc (it worked fine)

All drivers are up to date including windows.

i5 11400F
gtx asus GDDR6 4GB OC 1650
Prime B560K-M
16GB RAM 2666GHz Kingstone