My Pc for gaming


Nov 5, 2012
Hi im new here but been lurking the forums sometime and i want to know what would be a good Gpu and PSU for my comp,i want to play some or most games from Meduim/High the comp im getting has these spec

HPDC7800 Convertable Tower i know old
Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.66 e6750
3Gb DDR2 Ram Expandable to 8GB
Geforce 8400 GS
PCI Express 1.1/2.0

what would be a good GPU/Power thats good/energy effiecient my budget would be 150$

im wanting to play
Battlefield 3(meduim/High
Empire Total War(High/Ultra)
Sonic Generations(High) any ideas on what ill need

EDIT:this system i ordered couple of days ago comes with no hard drive but will needs SATA
will be Dual Booting Windows XP/Windows 7 or 8
Hi :)

If you are saying the computer you bought has an 8400 gs...You are NOT going to be playing ANY modern game on anything but low...and some wont play at all with that card...

If you are going to replace it.... to play on high/ultra you are going to have to spend a LOT more than $150 on the card alone..

All the best Brett :)