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Question My PC freezes randomly (requires hard boot) and it's giving me a big headache because it's too random and I can't replicate consistently for support.


Nov 21, 2013
Some backstory: I have had this desktop for quite some time and it suddenly started happening these completely system freezes randomly (screen froze, mouse and keyboard not working but lights still on, caps lock light doesn't switch when I press it). To restart the pc it always requires holding the power button for ~10 seconds.

I've taken it to a tech support and it was a BIG downer because I left the PC there for 1 day and on the other day I stayed for like 4 hours trying to replicate the freeze by playing videos or whatever but It didn't happen. In the end I ended up paying for the time and cleaning and my pc froze the next day lol.

My PC specs are: Asus CX600 psu, GTX760, FX6300, mobo ASUS M4A95 R2.0, 8gb ram.

some really useful information:

- I've tested each of the 2 ram sticks alone and on different slots. Still froze

- I've formated my pc. Still froze (windows 10 atm)

- I've updated Bios. Still froze

- Tested on SSD only and on HDD only. Still froze

- I'm leaving open videos on youtube/videos playing to find out if it triggers. It's so random that one time my pc froze in 30 secs of youtube, the other time I let my PC playing series for 8 hours straight on vlc and didn't freeze a single time.

- This **** [Moderator edit to remove profanity] is so weird that for months after it started my pc would freeze with anything except CSGO. Then all of a sudden it started on csgo too.

It's agonizing know that something is wrong but not being able to show to a technician. How are they supposed to fix a problem so random that sometimes takes minutes but most of the time may require hours to trigger. If I had other PSU,CPU,GPU or Mobo I could try swapping one by one and diagnose it on trial by error but I don't own them, that's why a technician seems like the better choice.

I'm kinda lost, does anybody have any suggestion? Any information that I can provide that can help solving this?
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How old is that ASUS PSU? Heavy gaming use?

Look in Reliability History and Event Viewer for error codes, warnings, and even informational events that correspond to the time of the freezes.

You can right click on any given error for additional information.

Do you know if the tech support folks did anything beyond cleaning the computer? E.g., actually reseating cards, cables, RAM, and jumpers?