My pc is blue screening constantly


Feb 2, 2017
So my specs:
I7 8700k oc @ 4.8 at 1.24v
Team group ddr4 3733mhz ram
MSI z370 gaming m5 mobo
MSI GTX 1080ti Gaming X
EVGA supernova 850 G2
Samsung 960 evo is the boot drive

So my pc started to suffer about a month ago, however I’ve been gone for just under 3 weeks and just got back today and it was worse then before, so I decided to wipe the entire thing, and I have now just reinstalled windows. And the same thing is happening, blue screen, over and over. I’m thinking that it is a hardware issue perhaps the memory? Here are some of the names of the blue screens:

Iqrl not less equal

System service exception

Attempted execute of noexecute memory

Kernel mode not handled

And more

I’m pretty stuck, because idk what to do, I reinstall drivers, I’ve reinstalled windows, yadayadayada

Also! My 8700k runs at 50 degrees idle, which isn’t normal, and that’s with a noctua nh-d15, and hits 90 while in cinebench, so that may be the issue too, but it’s only running at 1.24 volts

Idk if you guys have any suggestions lemme know, I appreciate it, thanks