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Question My PC is constantly randomly shutting down and everything completely shuts down after a matter of minutes

Aug 8, 2019
My PC is constantly randomly shutting down and everything completely shuts down after a matter of minutes. I recently with my dad changed the thermal paste and cleaned the PSU filters and clean the CPU fan and I am noticing that my PC is randomly shutting down. Sometimes for a minute then it shuts down, sometimes for 10 minutes then it shuts down. It happens at the most random at times. I DO NOT OC any part of my system. This never happened before I recently fixed my computer. My cooling for the system is more than adequate.

Note that when I took the Ryzen CPU off the motherboard, I accidentily dropped the CPU on the GPU bare backplate since I was reckless. I also did not put in the PSU Power Supply Cord that connect to the power outlet correctly because I do not know if I put it in properly or not. I was sweating a lot since it was hot in my area and I dropped a single drop of sweat from my head onto the motherboard. My dad and I screwed the CPU cooler to the motherboard too rough. Sorry about my recklessness when I was fixing my PC.

System Specs:

Ryzen 7 1700
MSI Armor RX 570 8GB
Gigabyte DS3H B450 Motherboard
7200 RPM WD Blue HDD
Crucial MX500 SSD
EVGA 550 Watt B3 PSU
Thermaltake H15 mATX case
4x120mm fans
Silverstone CPF04 Fan Hub/Extension
Windows 10 64bit (not activated)

What can be the potential issues of my pc randomly shutting down?


Feb 18, 2017
I have had this issue before. This type of issue is typically a PSU issue. First, I recommend you try to fix the power supply cable plug issue. Since you are just now experiencing this issue, I do not recommend purchasing a newer model power supply, since this one most likely still works (prices are up for power supplies, too). Perhaps you could have tweaked something while cleaning the PSU's filters. I also suggest that you check your power supplies wattage output.