Question My pc is crashing and i want a second opinion before i buy anything new or go to a repair shop

Jan 5, 2021
Only when playing games the pc suddenly cuts off power, no blue screen no nothing just a click from the PSU then another click before it powers itself back up, my pc isnt overheating and dosnt have a virus or malware, ive removed the ram sticks and reinstalled my gpu drivers, it only happens when playing games and not during benchmarks, my pc is clean and temps seem normal before and after crashes and i really dont know what to do, it used to happen within 30 miniutes of a more intensive game but now happens on launch of overwatch, please random guru from the internet come to me in my hour of need and tell me whats wrong

i7 8700k
16gb 3200mghz
750W psu
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If you have any OC or XMP enabled, turn it off and see what happens.

I recently had a somewhat similar situation with all of my games suddenly hitching or not starting correctly. I have had my RAM OC to 3200 for a while with no issue. When I downclocked it to 3000 my issues went away.