Question My pc stutters in every game even though i can run them at above 60+ frames on ultra?

May 14, 2019
I have a gtx 1070 and a i3-7100, i know its a bad cpu but its only using around 70% of usage. I cant even run minecraft without stuttering, help is very appreciated.
Yeah your GPU is being bottle necked by that CPU. Try and find a 7th gen i5 or i7 or make the jump to 8th gen and new mobo or Ryzen (although wait till the end of the month for AMDs announcement)

And to my knowledge Mincraft is a very CPU intensive game so again, your CPU is the issue.
1151 (300) they are the same socket size but power is different.

I wouldn't bother with 1000 series Ryzen for gaming unless you can get a really good deal, the 2000 series is much better. Like I said wait till the end of the month when AMD announces the new 3000 Ryzen and it should push the 2000 series CPUs on sale.
Mar 10, 2019
I would need a new motherboard really? I might go for amd then and get the ryzen 5 1600
Go ahead and wait for the 3000-series, I'm looking at them for my upgrade set (mobo+ram+case+cpu), and the lowest-spec one (3300) is, according to every leak we've had, cheaper and more powerful than a 1600. I would definitely consider waiting for the mobo upgrade as well, as you'll find the current high-end will be the new mid ground. Keep in mind that those leaks are NOT final, but may even be one-upped by the final product, as those are just engineering models. Here's the link to one of the leaked spec lists:,38233.html . The actual purported specs are shown down about halfway on the article.

Good luck!