Question My PC turns off randomly while gaming and normal usage, and it doesn't turn back on immediately ?


Mar 24, 2014
My PC turns off randomly while gaming and normal usage, and it doesn't turn back on immediately (sometimes restarts), also no error codes. Stress test on (Furymark Donut and OCCT-Coolermaster) for CPU and GPU for around 30min shows no issues.
These shutdowns started happening after changing:
  • PC case(NZXT)
  • GPU (RTX 4090)
  • PSU (1050w cooler master)

My pc specs are-
Processor- AMD R7 3700X (bought on 2020 year) (recently changed heatsink to AMD wraith)
Motherboard- Asus Tuf Gaming X570 Plus (bought on 2020 year) (recently updated BIOS)
Ram- Corsair Vengeance 8GbX4 (32Gb) 3200MHZ (bought on 2020 year)
GPU- Zotac AMP Extreme RTX 4090 (bought on 2023 January)
PSU- Cooler master MWE 1050 V2 Gold ATX 3.0/12phwr version (bought in December 2022)
SSD- Samsung X2
HDD- 1- 1TB HDD- (Bought on 2014) & 1-2 TB HDD (Bought on- 2020 year)
PC-case NZXT H7 FLOW (bought on 2022 December)
PC-fan 6X 140mm fans and one AMD CPU Wraith cooler
OS - Windows 11 OS (Free update form windows 10)

Output socket power- 230V
Pc power Layout
Form wall socket to 6 pin power extension and form extension to PSU.
Power Extension contains the following connections.
1X cell charger
1X 1100VA APC UPS (not connected to system but left on for battery charging for battery life)
1x modem(internet)
1x internet device (broadband item)

Pc shutdown randomly while in gaming and normal usage also (After the pc random shutdown it was not turning back until I switch off the ups power and wait for some time or I have to wait for a day) the shutdown causes the entire system off except the motherboard power indicator lights glow and the power button is still in on condition.
I have removed the new PSU (1050w) and connected my old PSU (700w corsair PSU) to tested the system, The pc turned on but the Gpu need 4 connectors and my old PSU has only 2 connectors so the GPU didn’t turn on but the Led lights on Gpu did which takes some power for the mother board and an error showed says the GPU not powred.
The next day I removed the old PSU (700w) and reconnected the new PSU (1050w) and this time the PC turned on.

I tried to recreate issue with stress testing Cpu, Gpu and with gaming for few hours but nothing happened at that time.
While Stress testing
GPU (RTX 4090) reaches 50-63 C max
CPU (R7 3700x) reaches 70-85 C max
No shutdown while doing stress test.
I hear a creak sound from pc for a sec from pc and sometimes cpu rgb fan dims for a sec and works as usually.

Tried to solve:
By internet guidance, tried the following.

Checked power plan and all are fine.
CMD Health check and restored health, no issues.
Scanned entire system- nothing found.
Did few settings on windows according to the guide.
Event view shows kernel Boot error in critical and few Errors regarding services.

My Gpu works flawless on gaming, played RDR 2 on Ultra 4K raytraced 60fps with 50 to 80% usage (no DLSS), same with ARK 2 also
My CPU temp Stays at 45 to 55 on IDEL
Both CPU and GPU are not reaching above 70C in gaming which rules out overheat.

No idea what’s casus these irregular shutdowns and can’t figure out the root cause of the problem, no idea whether it’s hardware or software related
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