Question My RAM and SSD died, need a fix if possible

May 9, 2018
So I was playing some game on my laptop, suddenly a blue screen showed up. And it lasted every time I start my laptop. The error was sometimes Memory Management and sometimes NTFS File System, so I took out the RAM and tried to put in one of my friends laptop but the same error showed up. So I decided to buy a new RAM, but then the NTFS error showed up. So I removed the SSD and installed windows on HDD and it worked fine. Now I am curious if my RAM and SSD are permanently damaged or is it recoverable.
I think the issue is more leaning towards the SSD in this case, you can test your RAM via memtest86 on a bootable USB (download it here), you'll need rufus and a USB to create the bootable memory tester. Or if you rather test it on windows desktop instead of creating a bootable USB use this version.

As for the SSD, you should run in CMD prompt as admin "SFC /scannow" to check if windows is corrupted.
To check the disk overall use Crystaldiskinfo to see if there are any issues beyond just the software.