Question My screen goes black for a couple of seconds while gaming.

Mar 15, 2020
Hello recently i bough a new monitor for my computer because my other one was 10 years old.
My new monitor is Acer ED273UR its 144hz and yea its pretty good but since i got it when i play games simetimes it just goes black for a couple of seconds. When i play games with high fps i have no problems at all like CSGO where i get around 270 fps but when i play War Thunder where i ger around 140 fps or Unturned where stangely i get around 60 fps .
On Unturned it goes black every 3 seconds its unplayable and the fps on 144hz monitor too.
My system is:
CPU: Intel i5 8600k 3.60Ghz
Motherboard: MSI Z370 Krait Gaming
GPU: PowerColor AMD RX570 Red Devli 4Gb
Ram: 8GB(not sure waht kind its one stick)
One KIngston SSD and one HDD
Everything was alright anything hasn't changed except for the Monitor.
I think it might be HDMI promblem because my previous monitor was with VGA and i had no problems.
But its strange because it happens only when i play games.
Please i need your support someone who knows whats going one respond to this. Thank you!
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