Question My second PSU has just stopped working

Jan 25, 2020
The first time my PSU went out I was playing escape from tarkov. It was a garbage PSU and ended up screwing over MOBO and graphics card. I got a HX 750 platinum for my second psu and it had been working fine for about a year, however, I did quit escape from tarkov for awhile and I just gotten back into the game and had been playing it for a couple days when i encounter the same issue. I was getting warnings that my graphics card was using a little more than it shouldve been and jt would have long-term damage or something like that. Of course I ignore this as i am an idiot and my computer now wont turn on (non of the lights on MOBO turn on, no fans spinning etc.) However, it does make this audible click when I attempt to. I beleive maybe the graphics card is using too much wattage or something but as i said before, im an idiot.(lol)
XFX Rx 580 8gb

CORSAIR HX Series, HX750, 750 Watt, 80+ Platinum Certified, Fully Modular

AMD X470 Ryzen 2 AM4 DDR4 Onboard Graphics CFX ATX Motherboard

Ryzen 7 1700x
16gb ram (ill get specific name if needed)