Question My sistem blackscreens at random


Oct 2, 2017
Ok so,
When i'm playing games, Rules of Survival, Mount and Blade, Warthunder, Fortnitr are the ones i have problems with, what would happen is that sistem will just black screen, display will show no signal message, and it will return to game few seconds later with few frame drops but it stabilizes after a second or two, other times it will just blackscreen, sound will go in some kind of broken loop, and i would have to restart the mashine, or the third outcome is blackscreen then goes to desktop but the game stops responding, sistem becomes less responsive etc.
My assumptions are it's either the gpu or the ram.
Gpu,when i bought it used, couldn't oc at all, becauze it would crash,that was stated by the seller, and confirmed by me. Didn't flash the Bios,tried but failed, so it's in default still, but the problem with blackscreen was there even before this. My main reason for suspecting it is that after one of these incidents i Warthunder i saw in the corner message saying gpu driver failed, but i wasn't able to spot it again after that. And to mention, system is clean with new paste, so it is not the issue.
Secondly,the Ram.
I got 2x2 gb ddr2 ram in my pc. One stick i got from a pc technician who kept old ram in some drawer at his workplace( Guy was not the tidy type) and if i can recall i didn't have this problem before that. But the problem occured some time after the installation, not straight away. I'll maybe try to run the system with only original stick of ram, but that will be very time consuming,as this problem happens at random, and some days not happen at all, and some persists even after a few reboots. I should also note that i didn't see this problem in some other games like Dishonored, but Mount and Blade was running fine for some time,and still does, but sometimes this happens. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
My specs:
Amd Athlon II X4 630
Msi Radeon Hd 7750 oc edition 1gb gddr5
2x2gb ddr2 ram
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check the RAM with USB autoinstaller (boot from the created bootable USB flash drive to test)

check temperatures of CPU and GPU while gaming

most likely your graphics card is failing, try a different one or renew your system.

You can try reinstalling windows as well with all drivers