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Jul 6, 2022
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Hello everyone! My name is Christian im 25 years old, my nickname as a CSGO/Valorant player is lowel and i've been playing/competing since i was 11 years old! I also played multiple online/lan tournaments during csgo times and now im playing on Valorant!

The reason why i created this post its because i've been having some issues with input lag during the last 4 months since i moved to my actual appartment, and i actually fixed it and im gonna explain in this post how i did it, and maybe it can help some people which i know a lot of people have it.

Im a person who can feel every single small detail in terms of mouse feeling/delay/input lag. Since i played in a lot of different setups during this 14 years that i've been playing and i know how the game must feel correctly with no issues, during this 4 months i've been experiencing like some "acceleration" / "input lag" on my mouse, the feeling of the mouse when i was flicking or trying to aim to people, it was like "floaty" feeling, kinda the same when you have acceleration from windows on. (of course i disabled this option)

Well, during this 4 months since i moved to my new house, i've been reading literally the whole internet finding for a solution, reddit, tom's hardware and multiple websites with people who had the same issue as me, or at least, the same feeling they were describing with the mouse, i tried everything. Windows tweaks, BIOS Settings, different mices, nvidia drivers, nvidia settings, monitor, DisplayPort, USB, Different windows, Bought Ferrite cables, Power Supply, etc.

(The reason why i bought a Power Supply and Ferrite Cables, it was because i read some post saying that this issue with the input lag, it might be because some EMI (Electromagnetic Interferences) or something related to the grounding/electricity of the house, and yes, this can cause input lag issues)

Here is the thing, i was playing aim_botz on CS:GO and it was bad like always, then suddendly i thought about removing my Ethernet Cable and play without internet, well, at the beginning the feeling of the mouse it was better, and after 1-2 minutes playing aim_botz, the feeling of the mouse it was completely perfect, really responsive without that floaty feeling when you stop the crosshair to shoot, or when you want to flick.

Im gonna try to explain why this is happening, in my case, i was playing with an UTP CAT5 Ethernet Cable, my router is on the living room (because the box of the fiber is there and we can't change it) and my setup where im playing, is on the 3rd floor (i live in a pretty big house) so, the route of my Ethernet cable was like this, Router -> switch (both in living room) -> PC, from the switch all the way up to the 3rd floor where my PC is so the Ethernet Cable is not in the middle of the my house, stairs, etc. (something like this View:
) Sorry, im a really bad paint player xD

My switch was inside a box which everyhouse has, that inside that box, every light cable from the house is there, it looks something like this (éctricos-6.jpg) inside it was the switch and some tubes that are going through the wall to the 2nd/3rd floor, and my Ethernet cable was inside those tubes going to my room.


Basically the light cables (maybe also the switch) inside that box where my Ethernet cable was going through, was causing interferences into the Ethernet Cable CAT5 and thats the reason why i had the input lag, i just bought an Ethernet CAT8 SFTP Cable and it got fixed ( and im gonna explain why this is happening.

If you open the picture i post above, you can see clearly that the UTP Cable compared to the other ones (FTP, STP, SFTP) it doesnt have any shielding around the cables, and THATS WHY any CABLE/DISPLAY you have around your PC/Ethernet Cable, can cause this kind of inputlag/issues (interferences) in your computer.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1. Buy an SFTP Ethernet Cable so any interferences that any display/cable from your house, is not gonna affect you (in theory this cable has protection against interferences, but anyways, i would try to put the Ethernet cable far away from any light cables or whatever, just in case)

2. Be aware that light cables or any other display, may cause you interferences and maybe causing you some other issues, if your Ethernet cable is not as good as an SFTP Ethernet Cable

3. Im aware that this solution is not 100% for everyone! but for me, since i tried everything possible in this world, it was the solution, but maybe you have a different issue which it can be related to anything

4. I tried my best to explain my experience and im pretty sure i missed some stuff since english is not my mother lenguage, i apologize.

FACT: My best friend which is working in a company where they put internet/cameras/light into Schools and other big places, had the same issue but with surveillance cameras, here is what happened, a friend of him
installed an UTP Ethernet Cable throught the place, and because of this, the surveillance cameras was having interferences constantly, because it was UTP, and every other cables around that, was causing interferences into the cameras. (Black Screens, Screen blinking, picture black/white, more issues) they put a better cable with shielding and protection to this interferences, and it got fixed.

I hope guys this can help you to fix the issue, as i said, i've been reading a lot of websites, reading about this issue about 7-8 hours a day to fix it, and i didnt see anything about Ethernet Cables, thats why i decided to create this post and explain my experience so it can maybe help some of you guys <3.

If you have some experiences, im able to talk on my twitter -> [Moderator edit to remove self-promotional link] - but it would be nice if you guys can talk through here so everyone who needs help, is aware about everything.

Have a great day, Christian
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