Question My Wi-Fi becomes incredibly slow after a few minutes of usage

Feb 8, 2021
The problem is on Windows 10 (64 bits)
im using Asus PCE-AC51
Its university network, so a lot of people are connected, but I used a laptop before and i never had this issue and since im using the new pc im facing this issue. Another weird thing is the network sometimes disconnects alone.
Doing windows troubleshoot fixes it most of the time but its just for a little bit and it comes with different problems most of the time.
Tried with phone network aswell and same thing happens first 2 minutes its good and then it becomes insanely slow (so its most likely not the wifi itself but some issue with card or settings).


On the host computer (new pc - correct?): did you disable the wired network adapter?

Only one network adapter (either wired or wireless) should be enabled.

Next: manually download the wireless adapter drivers via Asus. Reinstall and reconfigure for the applicable wireless network.

If the problem continues contact the University's IT support group for assistance.

They should be able to do some troubleshooting with respect to your location and associated network devices; e.g., routers, switches, Access Points, etc..