[SOLVED] Need a bit of help with my graphics card...

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Oh 1 thing.
In that link, the first red one on for 80 RSD is yhe one i applied on the gpu die and the cpu.
Before i bought it i used H510 1g for 110RSD, which kept the temps perfectly fine for both cpu and gpu.
The reason i bought the 80 RSD red one ks because i was by the shop at that moment and they didnt have the h510 in stock.
Should i buy the H510 or the Cooler Master one?
So literally a month later and both the cooler and the thermal paste arrived.
I have done a full pc maintance that took me almost 3 hours xD
I repasted the GPU, cleaned its fans/heatsink, done the same with the CPU.
Cleaned the whole case, fans and everything.
Lets just say the GPU temps dont get over 83C now, even in NFS HEAT, FAR CRY 5 and other demanding games.
I think my problem was that when i opened my GPU 2-3 moths ago, i forgot to repaste it.
Now i can finally game without problems.
Thanks to everyone who responded.