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Mar 2, 2019

I don't know much about hardware, I was never interested, I only know the basics of the basics...I'm a software person. I learn if it's needed...when it's needed, so I'm sorry for missing something or writing something incorrect.

I would really appreciate it if you would spend some of your time and expertise on helping me. If you are not willing to do it thoroughly like you would do it for yourself, or if you are not completely sure in your skills / experience / knowledge, please don't suggest anything...better to not get help than to get a bad help and spend a lot of money on it (and trust me, this amount of money is a lot for me...I can't afford to waste it, because I need a lot of time and hard work to save this much). Of course, I would like to get the best combination for my budget. PLEASE MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS COMPATIBLE!

I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you, so I went over the most important parts that all relevant computer shops here sell, made a few lists of those parts, with basic information about each part (I chose an upper price limit for each category), compared prices between shops and chose the best price for each part. I didn't make a list for each category, because there are just way too many options to list for some parts like RAM, cases, PSU etc. or there isn't much difference between parts or impact of a category on the system to justify the time required for a list creation.

Google drive links to Excel lists for GPU, CPU, SSD and Motherboard are below, together with links to a computer shop pages (that I will be shopping in) for other categories that weren't processed by me..


Website is not available in English, but I think it will be clear to you.

HDD (i guess 7200 rpm, 64/128 mb buffer...2.5'' or 3.5'' ?)|ASC&offset=0


PSU (please make sure it's adequate and that it won't catch fire because of low quality):|ASC&offset=0


Currency: Serbian Dinar (RSD)

Prices are in RSD. 1 EUR ~= 118,5 RSD. 1 USD ~= 104 RSD.

Budget: 80.000 RSD

Please advise if I need additional cooling or stock will be enough?

So, here is the idea of my system:

1. Windows version to be used: Windows 10. I have it already.

2. PC will be used for:

- Gaming (single and multiplayer, hosting 2 -3 player multiplayer sessions). Game examples:

- Europa Universalis series
- City Car Driving
- Euro Truck Simulator 2
- Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 4...
- Mount & Blade Bannerlord
- Witcher series
- GTA series
- Player Unknown's Battlegrounds
- Civilization series
- Anything else I can imagine, there are so many games that I want to guess that some of those games will require strong PC

- Web (watching YouTube videos in 1080p and watching Twitch streams are the heaviest load I can think of...having around 10 YouTube tabs open at the same time should be possible)

- Some Microsoft Office work

- Watching 1080p movies/series

- Some light video editing (cutting and merging videos in order to create a longer video for YouTube, length of ~10-15 min)

3. Graphics quality is not important, I'm fine with medium settings with advanced settings turned off. I've never had a fast PC, so my game choice was limited to Fallout 1-3, Mount & Blade Warband, Counter Strike, Warcraft III and similar hardware friendly games. Anything heavier was limited to 1024x768 or 1280x800 resolution at best with everything set to minimum and I didn't mind it one bit. Two things I care about are monitor utilization (I own one of 1680x1050 resolution) and smooth animation. 60 FPS is the goal if it's possible to achieve it with this budget. Maybe I will buy 1920x1080 monitor some time in the future, but not any time time soon (unless this one's more than 10 years old).

4. I don't think I will be overclocking. I've read somewhere that it voids warranty (and I plan to use 3 years per part to the fullest), and I know that it can damage the system or shorten it's life, that it requires additional cooling...also I don't have any time to invest into learning new things.

5. It should be able to handle as many years of new games as possible before requiring a major upgrade.

6. It should be upgradable, so I don't have to change the whole system any time soon.

7. I had problems with my headset - strong buzzing - electrical interference, which made voice communication impossible. I've read that bad computer case was a possible cause. So it's important to provide quality voice chat - for multiplayer purposes.

8. System needs to be stable and properly cooled, and have a stable, reliable power supply. PC will be used for around 8 hours a day, will be kept in a moderately dusty room and it's insides won't be cleaned often.

9. SSD is a mandatory part. I guess 250 GB SDD + 500 GB HDD will be more than enough.

10. USB 3.0 / 3.1 is mandatory, I guess.

11. I won't be using two graphics card or anything fancy like that

12. I guess 2x8 GB of RAM to be safe and to be able to handle future titles.

13. Using few applications at the same time is a regular thing for me, for example playing a game with sound turned off while listening to a Twitch stream.

14. I have a monitor, an USB mouse, a P/S2 keyboard (but it would be ok to switch to USB one if needed), 2.1 sound system (I will never buy more than 2.1), a headset, another PC that shares internet with this one via ethernet cable, 2 USB game pads.

15. APU's are not an option.

16. Build should contain a PC case. Doesn't matter how it looks, just make sure that system will fit inside the case and that it will have enough breathing room.

17. DVD reader + burner don't have to be bought right now, as most of my content is digital. System can be installed from USB...

18. Only 1 monitor.

19. No manufacturer preference. I care only about quality and reliability.

I hope this was of help to you. I'm available for any additional information.


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