Question Need a mouse w/ my big ass palms.

mark anderson

Mar 13, 2013
Hello, I am a budget gamer looking for assistance/advice on current mouses used by gamers these days. I went to best buy to experiment with some of the mouses on display and boy majority of them were tiny. I am sure most fellow big hand people can relate and probably were in a similiar situation as I.

Here is some pictures of my current mouse and hand. View:

Hand length: tip of middle finger to end of palm 7.25inches/ 18cm

My current grip is like a hyrbid of a claw/finger tip grip, but I really hate it and just want a reliable palm grip mouse where my hand doesnt touch the mouse pad. I play FPS games and feel like my current grip just absolutely stinks when precision aiming.

Im trying to keep a budget below $50, but if their is something overwhelmingly extra-ordinary that costs above that, I am open to it too. Would appreciate any advice/suggestion purchases!
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Jan 14, 2016
i've been through probably 12 mice over the last ~10 years or so. my two biggest attributes searched for are large size and good placement of extra customizable buttons for keyboard/mouse gaming.

most Razer, Mad Catz, etc "gaming" mice have been nothing special with cheap construction, low quality software, and very gaudy looks.
the two best functioning and most comfortable i've found are the Logitech G600 and the Corsair Vengeance M95,
the G600 being the best overall.

the size is great length and width-wise.
i can't stress enough how awesome the 3rd ring finger button has been with gaming no matter what type of game you may be playing, also with typing as it has become my default Ctrl key.
the 12 thumb buttons may seem like overkill or that it may be confusing while in use but they are perfectly placed for my thumb and with the proper key assignments have made everything easier from typing & browsing to gaming & content editing.
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