Need a suggestion on Raid 0 setup


Jun 5, 2012
Hello, I am in the process of consolidating my data into a 10TB NAS and once that is done I'll have 6 or so WD 750GB HDDS lying around from a previous raid. So I was thinking about maybe doing a Raid 0 or something.

I'm no raid guru so I'll just point out that the goal would be to squeeze out some extra performance for programs and games and maybe video recording and such.

So, question is, would I gain anything noticeable going with a raid setup? Would there be any real point to doing so? If so, what would you do in my shoes given the circumstances and other notes below?

-I've got a 160GB SSD drive I use for the OS (older Intel one) and programs/games. It's always pretty full requiring frequent cleanup. Been considering getting a nice new one around 300gb or so. (any suggestions on this?)
-I have an old-ish adeptec pci 8-slot raid card but I kind of hate it. Extra case clutter and some annoying extra boot time. Think I'd much rather do a mobo raid (Just got a ASUS Sabertooth Z77)
-I've got a 3TB samsung, of which I am not sure what I'll do with it now that I have a nice NAS setup.
-I can fit 7 drives in my full-tower thermaltake case and I have other ways to add more but I'd prefer to keep it under 7, maybe under 5 in case I downsize to a mid-tower.

Other than inevitably failing what would happen if I did a 5 drive raid 0 with a software backup on my 3TB drive? Actually I don't want to get carried away. Realistically what would be gained from a 2 or 3 drive raid 0?

Thank you in advance oh wise tech guru masters.
Some WD had problems with 'time limed error recovery' in raid. not sure it that was real. google it.

If you build raid0 with "6 or so WD 750GB HDDS" you get (1) better sequential read for gaming level load and (2) You can build a 2TB disk out of the 750GB drives, much easier to use for storing games, etc because only a single drive letter to manage. You also get the joy of recovering from the 3TB samsung at 20 mb/sec if it's USB attached.

Alternative, run the 750GBs in raid10. with 6 x 750GB that gives you 2TB mirrored and high performance.

ASUS MB only has 6 SATA, so if you use one for boot the 6 or 7 drives can't all be attached. So you may be stuck with a smaller array (1 boot, 4 raid 10 = 1.5TB?) or using the adeptec pci 8-slot raid card.

If the adeptec pci 8-slot raid card hardware raid or just ports with SW raid? the MB is software raid.