Need advice re steps to take installing graphics card...HELP!


Dec 31, 2007
My apologies for I'm sure I'm not on the right forum. But I have NO idea where to find answers. Be gentle...I'm 67 yrs young. I recently was thrilled to come in possession of a high end graphics adapter (?). I know it is old, but it has never been used and way above anything I could have come across, just to get HD on my monitor, primarily. It is the "MSI N460GTX Cyclone". I believe I installed it correctly and installed the software/drivers. Until I get the proper HDMI cable in a few days, I have it connected with a DVI cable. Yet I get nothing on my monitor. Monitor works fine with the old analog cable, so it's not the monitor. My main question concerns the two power connections that are supposed to be hooked up. I have no idea how to do that and waiting for a friend to connect them for me. What I'd like to know, is it possible the display is not working because these power connections are not made? Would the monitor need this extra power to run this VGA? I'm sure hoping this could be the answer as they will be connected soon. I'm sure hoping it is not a bad video card. Also I have a very outdated computer and only installed to a PCI-EX16 . From what I read it seemed to indicate it would work in any PCI E it could fit in. Only I'm sure it would not be able to reach it's full potential. I'm not a gamer and only wish to have my HD monitor be able to run/show/view true HD resolution. Any input and/or advice truly appreciated. Thanks for reading. JAN
That's no "high end graphics adapter" but...
Yes. any card that has those connectors for power do need both to be connected to PSU.
It may work with just one or no power connectors but only in very low mode (like in BIOS).
Beside PSU having to have two PCIe 6pin connectors it also should have at least 450 -500W depending on rest of system.
(This coming from a 70 year old/young)

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