Question Need assistance in finding the proper motherboard for a zen 3 build.

cris lopez

Dec 7, 2013

As stated in the title, I will be making a build with the new ryzen cpu.

I will be using the 3700x with a 2070 (super maybe if i can find one). Upon my research I found that I would need the new x570 motherboard which I was fine with but then I saw the prices so... I began looking for other options. I found that i can use the x470 but it will need a bios update. I don't have an older gen cpu given that this is a new build so this is where I came across my problem.

Upon more research I found that there are a couple options.

1. Buy a cheap compatible cpu to update the bios.

2. Use AMD's upgrade kit.

3. Find a motherboard that can be updated via usb.

I found that the upgrade kit takes about 2 weeks to be received and I don't mean to be that guy but, I just don't want to wait that long. As far as buying another cpu, I'd like to ignore that avenue.
The one that I would like to go with is a motherboard that can be upgraded via USB. The problem is that I don't really know how to search for that. I was A+ certified several years ago but all this new stuff has me confused @.@

My final question is: What are a couple motherboards that I can purchase today that can be compatible with the cpu I want via easy upgrade?

Additionally if anybody knows other ways to get a compatible MB I am open to suggestions.