Need build help


Jun 22, 2005
Well all my parts came for my friends comp that im puting together but i need help deciding what 2 do.
Hardware(already came_
striker extreme
2 8800 GT
2gig ddr2 dominator ram

well the proc and mobo are not going to work soo should i return the 9650 and go for a 6850 or return the mobo and the to 8800 Gt and go for 1 ultra?

going to be runnig of a 24 in screen
Depends on what you paid for them, and what sli can do for your games of choice. If you really want sli, then return the 9650 and go for the 6850. The difference in performance between the 9650 and 6850 is minimal. I doubt you're going to be able to overclock either one very much. Heat will be an issue, even with a premium case and power supply. Another alternative is to wait for asus to come up with a bios update to run the 9650. You can use a cheap 21xx for awhile and hope the engineers at asus are smart enough to crack the new penryn code. I would call asus before deciding and see if they're working on a new bios for the striker extreme.