[SOLVED] Need help building a pc for the first time

Aug 4, 2020

I am building a pc for the first time. I could use the advice from you guys on these issues.

Choosing the parts.
I want to use AutoCAD, Revit and gaming programs. I want to use these programs at a decent speed.I don't have to game at the highest setting but I do want a decent performance. I also heard the performance for CAD programs can vary for how big the project is. All the lines you draw needs to load etc.

These parts are:

CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 2600 or 3600
GPU - Radeon RX 580 8GB
Memory = DDR4 2x8 GB
Motherboard = A b550 motherboard so I can also potentially upgrade my CPU in the future.

I think I can figure out a compatible SSD, PSU and casing.
Do you think these parts can do it?

Building a pc
The hardest part for me is the cable's. The cable's from the PSU are pretty mutch self explanatory because there is only 1 place you can stick them in. But the cable's from a casing (frontpannel) I dont know where to stick it in exactly at the motherboard.

Making the pc ready for use
Do I only have to download Windows and then the Drivers? Or are there other things I have to look out for?