Question need help fixing [[smart short test WD error code 7 + raid 0]] TvT


Sep 11, 2020
I'm on win10x64 with WD western 1tb raid 0x2

now 1 of my hdd cant pass tested on western dashboard + and aida64 warning about [ current pending sector count ]

I assume the problem hdd is going fail or soft bad sector? according to recently storm got into my area perhaps some surge? causing it? because 1 of my external hdd gone with it

during storm didn't turn on pc but perhaps surge occuring during turn off because the plug is still pluged? could it be possible? cause my room right now dont have ground to let any extra surge through?

is it possible now to chkdsk /f /r of repair bad with hdd regenerator on win10 with out breaking raid 0 ,could it possible to repair? [ current pending sector count ]?
if it still need the old way to repair, is it just only soft bad ? I think about trying to use hdd regenerator to repair the issue hdd

will it be enough? or anyone could suggest any thing TTvTT

ps. thank you so much in advance
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