Need help getting my wifi repeater to work if possible?


May 12, 2014
My connection is directly to the router from the computer, so maybe that complicates matters. I have an old router DIR 615. I believe I read that it has to be a wifi connection everywhere and not a direct connection, I've tried following the instructions, it's just a generic repeater with a very old router. Thanks for your help.
You have to be careful to use the correct names or you will get confused. Most times a device connected to the main router via a ethernet cable that provides WiFi access is called a AP. Almost all routers can be used as AP. You will find even youtube videos of "how to use a router as a AP"

What is generally called a repeater takes the signal from the main router via WiFi and then retransmits it. This function is not common in routers especially old ones. In your case you might be able to load third party firmware like dd-wrt or one of the others. The issue with that particular router is there are many hardware levels....and the idiot manufacture did not change the model number. So you must know the hardware revision in addition to the model number. Many of them are supported but use different firmware files. Some though are not supported so you will have to check the lists to see.

I would avoid running a actual repeater unless you have no other options. It trades off less performance with more coverage.
I agree, use of range extenders should be avoided if possible - - they are too much hassle and the trade-off for better range is a drop in speed of about 50% compared to using WiFi without an extender.

I know from my own experience with them - - so I stopped using one.

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