Build Advice need help! pc build i5 3rd or i5 4th gen for gaming


Aug 20, 2011
hi everyone.,
i decided to build a pc with min budget all refurbished or used.
please advise from these items which one i should prefer and if possible what the advantage of having a 4th vs 3rd gen system in gaming and regular work and internet.
i5 3450
i5 3570
i5 4570
i5 4670

motherboard which one should be preferred. in 2 slot or 4 slot considering not a heavy and expensive one. asus, msi, gigabyte or intel.

ram 8gb 1600 mhz single or 4gb x2 (for now)
normal casing with psu regular 500w or 80+ plus 350- 400w
normal 500hdd (for now and later add ssd 256gb)

gpu card which model in 2gb or 4gb to play fortnite , tomb raider, and if possible some latest games on 1080 with med or high setting but 50+ fps.
i5 4670 is the best of those 4.
For a motherboard you can look for a 2DIMM micro ATX one, you cant overclock and 2 sticks is enough.
You can buy 2x8gb sticks, would be better than 4x4gb.
What GPU are you looking to put in here?
Some GPU's, although with 2 or 4GB Vram, can be powerhungry, like my R9 380 which wouldn't run on the old 500W $10 PSU, so be more careful when buying PSU's.
Choose a case with atleast one rear exhaust fan.
Idk about the latest games at highest settings 1080p, but will sure be playable at low settings 1080p.
Budget for the card? or for everything here?
Do you already own any of these components?