Need Help RE Computer Desktop Tower


Jan 2, 2018
Can someone please recommend a good desktop computer tower for me that is under $500. My tech knowledge is very basic (beginner level) compared to the users on this forum. But I really would appreciate your guidance and advice.

I had an HP Pavilion dm4 laptop, and it died. I have a new, and very large LG monitor (which I was using to connect to my laptop so I can do split screens). The larger screen is also more comfortable on my neck and eyes. I want to get a desktop tower since I already have a new monitor (LG widescreen), and I need the desktop for more storage (for media) and it is easier to edit video. I'm in between jobs, which is why I need to purchase an economical tower. While I need something now, I'm hoping I can buy a tower that wont be a waste of money down the road. I'm hoping I can either connect it to a more powerful tower (that I buy in the future) which would be more ideal for video editing....Or connect it to a new laptop for additional storage. Is that possible? Or is there a better use for it in the future?

Meanwhile, before my laptop died, I really outgrew it. I couldn't download the latest update with iTunes because I did not have enough storage space. I couldn't backup my iPhone, iPod, or iPad because I did not have enough storage. I was at complete capacity, and as a result, my laptop was running very slow.

I understand I can't get a good gaming tower yet since they are more expensive (which appears to have the fastest performance for video editing, pictures, media tasks, and multi-tasking). But I would like the computer tower, that I have to purchase now, to be an improvement in performance compared to my laptop that died. (I understand anything would perform better than my laptop right now under the current circumstances. But I would like a desktop tower that performs better compared to when my HP laptop was working at its best).

Here are the specs of my laptop:
Graphics 1696 MB
CPU intel i5 (2nd Generation) 2430 m/2.4 GHZ
Max Turbo Speed 3 GHZ
64-Bit Computing
Dual Core
Cache Memory = 3MB
Hard Drive: 5400 rpm
Capacity = 640 GB
RAM = 6 GB
Memory Max = 8GB
Windows 10
Microsoft Office 365 Home (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
Bluetooth, Wifi, MultiMedia Drive (DVD Burner)
3 Universal USB Ports (which I use)
1 RJ-45 LAN
Ethernet (for the option to connect to hard line)
1 Headphone - out
1 Headphone - in
I also believe the graphics were discrete...meaning it had a separate RAM for video and graphics. (I'm sorry if I'm not explaining that correctly.)

What would you recommend as a computer desktop tower for me? And how can I incorporate this more basic tower to the devices I get in the future (like a laptop or a more powerful computer tower)? I sincerely appreciate the help. Happy New Year!