Need help!! - Suddenly internet only works when connecting cable directly to router (instead of outlet)


Aug 20, 2014
So my maid cleaned up my room today, and when I came back I found out that my internet isnt working, I used the connection troubleshooter and it keeps saying that the Ethernet cable isn't connected/damaged, so I made sure it is indeed connected to the outlet in the wall properly and that it isn't damaged, still nothing.. I then replaced the Ethernet cable with a new one - connected it to my PC and then to the outlet in the wall (that is connected to the router via another cable or something like that) and still no luck whatsoever.. So then I thought that maybe something is not okay with the outlet (when she cleans my room she moves my pc to clean under it, and behind the pc are all the cables that are tightened up together using ties, including the ethernet cable, so I thought that maybe she moved the PC too agressively and the ethernet cable damaged the outlet) , and so I grabbed a longer ethernet cable, plugged it into my PC and connected it all the way to the router behind me (quite far from me) and that worked (also, when I connected it, the Connection troubleshooter loaded up by itself and appearntely fixed some "Internet protocols" which gave my access to the internet again), thats how I'm typing this.. thing is, I cant stay like this since theres a huge cable swinging all the way from my PC to the router in the closet behind me and I gotta hop over it every time and my PC is turned to the side and all of this just looks really horrible.. So what do you think has gone wrong here? Is my outlet fucked or is it something else? Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post.

TL;DR - Internet doesnt work anymore when connecting a cable to the outlet in the wall (its been fine for years), but it does work when connecting a cable to the router far behind me.


Dec 7, 2005
Obviously, either the wall outlet is damaged or the other end is not connected to the router properly.


Mar 24, 2016

So to clarify, you have your router plugged into the jack in the wall and the only way to gain access to internet is via ethernet? If you can get internet from being plugged into the router, your jack is fine. It sounds like your WIFI component in the router could have been disabled or the wireless adapter in your computer is dead.



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