Question Need help to setup fan curve

Sep 19, 2019
Hi buddies,

Happy Thanks Giving in advance.

So I have the Corsair H100i PRO installed as instructed by the manual - i.e. the two fan's connectors are hooked up to the pump's connector and then the pump 4 pin connector is connected to the motherboard CPU_FAN header.

Via iCUE, it works. Meaning that the 2 Corsair fans' speeds are under control. By the way, powerful fans they are, yesterday while I playing game, it spinned up to almost 90% somewhere around 2400 rpm and it sounds like a small little vacuum cleaner, cool!

But I am a bit lost in setting up the fan curve. I used quiet and saw my 9600K soared to 47 Celsius (core #3, it's always core #3 & #4, would that because the stock paste of the H100i wasn't spreaded evenly?), so I panic and changed the profile from Quiet to Balanced. That's where the issue surfaced. I could start hearing the whirling sounds of the fans. It's ok, I do not mind the little bit of noise. But I am worrying about running the whole box in the long term. As you know, electronic parts and mechanical parts tend to wear off easily when they are stressed.

So I went to check out the detail fan setup. The setup is such that for temperature below 40 Celsius, the fans are set up to run at 90% of their max speed. It might be a protected preventive measure before temperature rises to a damaging level. But wouldn't it be a bit over-reacting?

Could anyone explain the underlying method or a guide for setting up an effective and efficient fan curve? Because I find the difference between the stock "Quiet" and "Balanced" profiles are not that much given the game I was playing. The max temp of the said game was 47 Celsius.
Nov 30, 2019
I have the same problem with my Deepcool GAMMAX l240 liquid cooler, and MSI x570 Gaming Plus motherboard, i cant set the temperatures in BIOS correctly. And my pc is now sounds like a chainsaw :))