Question Need help upgrading my MSI Nightblade MI3 VR7RC-072EU

Jun 2, 2022
In 2018 I bought a pre-built MSI gaming computer. I have the impression that some games do not always run smoothly and in addition, the computer does not always meet the minimum requirements for modern games such as elden ring. I want to prepare my computer to last a few more years and play games that use eg ray tracing, etc... I wonder what would be the most beneficial: upgrade my computer or buy an xbox series s?

The current parts of my computer are:
  • Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB
  • Intel Core i5 7400
  • 16GB RAM (8GB with purchase + after purchase I added another 8GB of RAM)
  • I plugged a samsung 860 QVO 1TB 2.5 inch SSD into the computer where I install my games on.
-> since the graphics card is not bad and 16 GB RAM should also be sufficient, I suspect that my bottleneck for games is the i5 7400 CPU... So I wonder if it makes sense to upgrade to an i7 7700k . This would cost me €390.

On the other hand, an xbox series s would only cost me €270 and that also includes a controller worth €50.

If we compare the CPU of an i7 7700k with that of an xbox series s, they are more or less similar (according to Google, the equivalent of a series s is comparable to a Ryzen 7 3800X).

As for the GPU, I'm seeing different results on Google. One site says the series s equivalent is a GTX 1060 3GB (which is worse than in my current computer). Another site says that the equivalent of the series s is rather a GTX 1050 super. (which is much better than what's in my computer now).

Finally, I think games for an xbox are also made for one system and are therefore better optimized?

So when you put all this together, what would you recommend? Upgrade my computer or go for the xbox series s? Which will provide the best gaming experience?

Thank you very much


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Could you install and open up CPU-Z, then see what your motherboard chipset is? Chances are you can perform an overclock on the platform after you've dropped in the K suffix processor you're interested in. While here, also take a look at the BIOS version for your motherboard at the time of writing. I am skeptical about your processor upgrade since the cooler on that build seems lackluster at add, you should use a ruler to find out the space between the side panel and the top of the motherboard's PCB to get an idea of what the CPU cooler clearance is.

As for your rams, you should also use CPU-Z to show you the SPD and slots for said rams. I'm suspecting you used mismatched rams sticks to get your cumulative 16GB.