Need help with a gpu crashing.


Apr 28, 2012
GTX 650 ti boost
i5 4690k
Windows 8.1

Keep getting the error "Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered" when loading a game, or just playing it passively. The issue occurs pretty often when I have alt-tabbed away from the game as well. (either full screen or windowed). When this occurs I get a locked up screen, a black screen, or a monitor reset.

I recently got a new CPU 3-4 months ago, yet this error started occuring about a month ago. I've had the GPU for 2 years now.

I've tried many versions of drivers (using a DDU) for older and the most recent hotfix driver.

I've tried reinstalling my OS (twice)

I've set power management to max performance, I've tried setting physX to cpu.

I've tried overclocking and underclocking.

I've tried manually setting fan speeds (although temp seems to remain constant at 40)

- Info

When the driver crashes the GPU load seems to sky-rocket up (100%), the perfcap reason is vrel, the core clock and memory clock go up, but not by a huge amount, the power consumption sits around 30%, and the temps stay constant.

Here's some images detailing, you can see the crash on the graph when GPU usage suddenly launches up.

I've looked around a lot and this issue seems to happen with people who are overclocking and need to turn down their voltage, yet the voltage doesn't seem to matter here.