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Question Need help with (.Adame) ransomware


Nov 19, 2013
So my PC just got infected with this **!!
from what I took from Linus's vid about the topic and Acronis, such programs are just for preventing the threat not rolling it back right?, I have the most important stuff backed up but not everything, if anyone knows how to decrypt that thing to get the data back I would be very appreciative
I was thinking personally of disconnecting all the HDDS and formatting my SSD and install a new copy of windows on it, get it ready with a good protection software and then connect the HDDs with the encrypted data to try and see what can be done for recovery.
Any tips/tricks would be welcome.
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Generally speaking, when data is encrypted and according to how complex it and key are, you aren't going to reverse it without said key. This is why people use it for actual security.
In the recent news you may have read about this fellow that was accused of having inappropriate child content on a portable drive that was encrypted. He refused to provide the key saying he had forgotten it. The court system held him for what has (so far) been a record amount of time on a contempt charge and was ordered to let him go because even the government was unable to crack it in the time they had it.


Dec 11, 2013
I hope somebody has a better suggestion, but I think punkncat is about right. You should probably just consider anything encrypted as forever gone.

And, do better backups in the future (which I should do also).