Question Need help with random deadlocks and restarts

Sep 24, 2022

sorry if this doesnt make sense syntax wise, i am pretty sick and its hard for me to type up a text about something as complicated as what im experiencing. Pls ask if you need me to clarify somertihng i said.

I have a 3 month old pc. Basically since I got it, it was deadlocking or just turning off for like 3 seconds then turned it on. I returned it twice to the place I bought it from and both times they didnt experience the issue. When I talked with the people i got it from they told me to try to boot windows from another ssd, which I did but the problem still occured. When I returned it for the second time I took out the ssd which had my windows, so they had to boot it onto a new ssd. I think that might be the issue? Im not sure. I tried updating all my drivers, using different apps to scan which ones are outdated. Theres an update needed for a intel (r) platform monitoring technology driver, which currently runs a version from 2006 apparently. I tried disabling it but the pc still crashes. It isnt my peripherals, i had the pc idling with no peripherals and still it crashed. The crashes occur randomly but will always happen when im playing an intensive game; can play league of legends for 3 hours and nothing happens, cant play cyberpunk or warzone for longer than half an hour. But a crash happened even mid typing this text so it really is random.

Dont think its overheating or issue with any components, both they and I ran tests on all the components and nothing negative showed up.

I really dont know what to do and I am abroad for uni so I cant easily take it back.

I also tried reducing cpu clock and that didnt help.



Jun 13, 2020
I had simular problem on some of my stystems a while ago, where it would crash/restart, by playing games, or by even typing text on forums.
First of all, tell us your full sys specs.

What causes my system crashes was a faulty PSU, you can see on this thread: Here
And on one of my other systems, my RAM causes these kind of crashes, even thou MEM test showed no errors, and the RAM was up to spec according to MOBOs manual.
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I would look at event viewr and see if there are any critical events listed. I concur with Mariusglock to please list your pc components. As he said it could be a memory stick. Try using one at a time and see if the problem persists, if it does exchange for the next one and check again. At least this way you can rule the memory in or out.


Mar 31, 2014
If the issue still persists after the above, try sfc /scannow in the command prompt, a full virus scan, and a Windows in-place upgrade (fastest way to reinstall Windows while keeping your files).



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