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  1. L

    Question New PC Problems

    Hia, im currently having allot of problems building my new pc. Specifically i cant seems to even get into the BIOS. It seemingly doesn't seem to send anything to my monitor. Upon being boot up the pc makes a single 'Beep' sound. Some websites say this is normal, others say this is a ram problem...
  2. M

    Question Getting high spikes, most CPU and sometimes GPU (BFV) espically help please

    Hi! i have relative new system. I9900 K not clocked, RTX 2080 TI , Psu corsair rm 1000, memory kingston hyper x 32 gb dual channel cooler Darkpro quiet 4. Screen montior aoc 144hz Gsync , latest nvidia drivers. 3 ssd drivers 2 extern T3-T5 and one intern Everytime i play bfv, i get high´cpu...
  3. N

    Question System process 100% disk usage

    The process "system" seems to be using a 100% disk usage. I know there are many who face this issue. The process points to the file ntoskrnl.exe. Also there's another process registry which point to the same file. can anyone help me with this. I have run anti-virus scan also and the files are clean.
  4. Korusuki

    Question Rtx 2080TI Lightning z oled display problem

    ey guys I just bought a rtx 2080 ti Lightning z and the little oled display on the side doesnt work. Sometimes if i'm playing the oled display decides to start working for no reason even if its turned off in the software, and if i restart the pc the screen stops working again. So it basically...
  5. Z

    Question I was watching a movie and all of a sudden my PC crash and I can’t get out of the BIOS screen. Help :(

    Hey, I was watching a movie and I got atuck on this screen. First time its ever happened and I don’t know what is wrong. All was find and my pc froze and now I got this issue. Help me, please & thank you! BIOS screen (image)
  6. shakertouzett1

    (HELP) My Pc doesnt boot, despite the motherboard lights are on. (More description on the post)

    Its quite a long story, but i really tried all i could and if someone knows how to fix it, i will appriciate it a lot. I put a Tldr at the end. This is my pc config: PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD - Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz 6-Core Processor $149.89 @ OutletPC Motherboard...
  7. B

    Question Major Issue, Can't See Anything On Screen

    So I ran the Aorus Engine Auto Scanner (probably not great idea in hindsight) and my screen went black. I figured it might go back to normal after a while so I let it sit for a while. The issue is that it never did go back to normal. I tried rebooting, only to find that the monitor is not...
  8. ewald30

    Question 1080ti screen flickering

    So i got my 10ti aorus after buying it second hand, and after installing it i noticed that i have some screen flickering. I changed my monitor with a tv and everything is ok but on the monitor it still flickers. At first i tought there is a screen issue but after running a stress test in furmark...
  9. Grinch022

    Question Ryzen 7 1700 , no display, bios

    Hi I just bought new components for my PC CPU: Ryzen 7 1700 Motherboard: AsRock A320M - HDV RAM: Gskill Aegis 16GB (2x8GB) My other components came from my old PC that worked fine (gtx 550ti and power supply ( i dont remember the name of it ill check it later, its 550W tho) The problem is...
  10. D

    Build Advice PC suddenly turning off

    I just assembled a low end pc to my office (I have already assembled like 4 pcs before with no problems) but this one keeps turning off ramdomly. The reccomended psu voltage is 250w and I put in it an Aerocool 350W VX-350, bought it 1 month ago and assembled one week ago. The cpu temps are fine...
  11. A

    Question Virtual box using GPU

    Is there a way to make VirtualBox to use my laptop's GPU instead of the integrated graphics? I searched for hours and couldn't find a solution. Using it on windows 10 on a laptop - and the VM is a macOS Mojave
  12. D

    Question Helpppp Pc displays nothing

    Pc specs: cpu: ryzen 5 1500x gpu: Gigabyte gtx 1060 mobo: asus strix b350 gaming power supply: EVGA supernova gold 650w ram: 16gb g.skill trident Z Hello everyone, I'm new to building and I made a pc around a year ago. I decided to make a ram upgrade a couple months ago and now the computer...
  13. Z


    So, all my devices. PC and PS4 have not been getting an ethernet signal for 8 days now. I tried virtually everything and I think the problem is with my router. Some information is: The lights for ethernet on router and PC are turning on. The WiFi works, ethernet does not. I've recently bought...
  14. karlkr00n

    Question Gpu crashes and screen goes black while playing games

    While playing games my MSI Aero 1070 ti 8gb crashes and screen goes black, have to reboot to make the system useable again. have been wondering if I should get the graphics card changed or get a new PSU (right now have a 500w one). I know that the card is able to run the games. What do?
  15. brokenwingsgre

    Question Will the GPU fit?

    Hey guys i have an asus p8h61-m le motherboard and i want to buy the Sapphire VGA Radeon RX 580 Nitro+ 8GB. The problem is that the pci slot with the ram slot have a really short space between them and im curious if the ram slot will block the gpu from entering. Any one that can help me...
  16. C

    Question CPU OC wont stay on bot

    ok so in my bois it says im OCed to 4.1ghz but windows and cpu-z say 3.6 ghz idk how to fix this any help is appreciated Specs -CPu- i7 6800k MOBO- Msi x99a sli plus GPU- GTX 1080 ti cooling- cutom water loop on a 420mm rad and x99 ekwb evo waterblock
  17. Miyers

    Question My Sentey(ik its not the best) BXP600-Ps will work with a rx570?

    I have and i5 64000 2 RAM DDR3 x 8GB 1 SSD 1 HDD I actually have an 750ti and have no problems but i want to renovate I know that the Sentey has only a 6 pin conncetor, but i was thinking to buy the 6 pin to 8 pin conversor Or what do you suggest?
  18. G

    Question My gtx 1660ti Fans are not spinning

    I just finished my build, while i was doing the bios setup I checked if the fans in my graphics card were spinning and they were, but later when i was installing steam and other programs i checked again and they weren’t, i started a game and that didn’t work either, why is this happening, is...
  19. Question Computer keeps freezing, cutting to grey screen

    Hey, I've been having a serious issue with my desktop computer for some time now. The computer will randomly, regardless of what I'm doing, cut to a grey screen, now about a year ago when this started it was different coloured screened with vertical lines going across the screen so I'm unsure if...
  20. K

    Question are these psu voltage values dangerous?

    im sorry for my ignorance of voltage values but i just have to know if my psu is the one failing in my system. i have these values from both my cpuidmonitor and my bios