Question Need help with recovering data

Jacob 51

Dec 31, 2020
So, uptil 2020, I had this core 2 duo system. It was quite old.
I had all the trip photos, thousands of songs on it from different artists, I bought CDs of them for high prices.

So, in the beginning of 2020, I reinstalled windows because it was having issues (Windows 10 64 bit).
The hard drive failed during the install, which was obvious since the Hard drive was THIRTEEN years old. It was a 160 GB HDD from hitachi.
Now, I tried to fix it myself with CMD, I accidently ran clean command, which deleted all the stuff on it.
(Couldn't sleep that night)

I bought a new hard drive from WD, which I'm using on my new PC now.

I tried bringing all the data back from the hard disk by using EaseUS data recovery.
It somehow worked. It showed me a lot of my old stuff. The problem was I was broke back then and couldn't click on recover as it meant paying. It only allowed me to preview it.

So, I bought premium for this software now, and now, I can't see those files anymore. It shows me some system files after a scan of 6 hours.

Any other way that can bring back the stuff?
Any other way that can bring back the stuff?
you can try other recovery software or you can pay a shop or some retailers like Best Buy to attempt to recover data.
there's never any guarantee even if data is found that it will be accessible though.

a good reason to always have some backup storage space for storing copies of important data.
usually doesn't seem important to most people until something like this happens.
you can get external USB drives for pretty cheap this year if you shop around and wait for sales; some Seagate and Western Digital 6-8TB options have gone for less than $150.