Need help with Windows Update problem on Windows 7


Nov 1, 2010
I have installed Windows 7 a million times before. I used to install it every few months to wipe everything on my computer so I could have a fresh install and get rid of any junk.

Everything has always worked smoothly in the past.

The last few times I have re-installed Windows 7, I have been having issues getting Windows 7 to update past installing Service Pack 1. There are usually like a few hundred updates that are needed after SP1 is installed.

In the last year or two when the problems first started for me, maybe after a few days Windows Update would decide to work randomly and all the updates would happen like they are supposed to. I never understood why it happened, but was okay with the fact that it eventually worked.

I recently updated Windows 7 and after two weeks I was not able to use Windows update to obtain the hundreds of updates I needed. I tried several things to fix the problem. Here is the list of the things I tried.

Re-installed WindowsUpdateAgent-7.6-x64, which used to fix the problem in the past.
Used WindowsUpdateDiagnostic and ran it several times. It couldn't fix one problem and sometimes two could not be resolved. I forget what the error was called, but it was a common problem with other people who have this same problem.

Installed subinacl and ran the reset.cmd several times and it did not work.

Nothing I tried worked and so I re-installed Windows 7 two more times trying to find the problem and trying a few different installation methods.

Windows update seems to work up until after the Installation of SP1 and after rebooting and installing the only Windows Update option Windows Update Agent tool, Windows 7 will keep searching for updates endlessly until I reboot.

Is there any way to fix this problem?

Is Microsoft intentionally sabotaging Windows 7 Update to force a Windows 10 upgrade? Because a freshly formatted computer should not have problems installing updates in the order Microsoft initiates them in their update order.

Any help is appreciated.

I will try searching the forum for an answer though.