Apr 25, 2012
can any one one tell me if internet connection is a must for NFS run ..or it can be played even without a internet connection....

Whenver is start this game..i get the 1st screen where i can see NFS RUN LOGO keeps on blinking and its doesn't advances to the next screen...I run this game on PC....



Yes on the internet connection. Here are the settings below at the end is where I got the info if you would care to read. Good luck to you and I hope you can get it up and working.

OS, Vista, XP supported Recommended win 7

CPU. 2.4GHZ core 2 duo to 3.0GHZ Recommended 3.0GHZ core 2 quad

GPU. AMD 4870 nVidia 8800 GT Recommended AMD 6950 nVidia GTX 560 Ti

DX10 Recommended DX11

Internet connection 512 KBPS required.