Need help


Sep 25, 2011
I just got done ordering my new rig , Im planing on getting the bulldozer as soon as it comes out so I went amd instead of Intel. I figured if BD is a flop I can rebuild in a year since Im saving money going AMD. My problem is I cant make up my mind on video cards. I do want to go multi monitors in near future.

I was thinking to xfire 2 6790s which I can get dirt cheap or would I be better off with a 6970 or Nvidia 570 gtx ?

My setup

CPU- Amd 1100t BE
Mobo-Asus sabertooth 990fx
RAM- 8 gig corsaire veng 2x4
HD - Corsaire 120 gb Sata 3 SSD
PS- couger 700 watt Modular
Case - Corsaire 600t SE

Again I know its not a super build but I also got all this for only $700 incase I need to go a diffrent way if the FX chips flop. Thanks in advance