Question Need new OS for router


Sep 25, 2017
I have a Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi I purchased from Sabai November 2018. I have the Sabai OS installed. The OS and router perform flawlessly with one exception. I cannot blacklist any web sites. It will not "save" any sites entered. As I understand it, Sabai’s OS is based on Tomato. Apparently, this issue affects only certain chips. I would like this capability but it looks like I am going to have to purchase a new router or something to get this as they have no immediate plans to fix this. I use Private Internet Access as my VPN. I have several sets of devices. One, I have three Roku devices. I can currently set those up and not have them go through my VPN. Two, a class of devices I want to go through my VPN – things like iPhones, laptops, Kindle, and some medical equipment. I want these to be default so if someone comes over and uses my network they automatically default to using the VPN. Three, a wired desktop PC that I control access to the VPN with a software app. Like I said the router currently handles all my device needs and supports things just fine. It’s just the fact that I can’t get the Sabai OS to save blacklist sites. Does anyone have any thoughts regarding this issue? Thanks.
That is a new one I never even knew that OS existed. Then again I always used dd-wrt or other third party firmware. Sounds like you know more than most if you know there is a restriction based on the chipset your router runs.

So normally I do not recommend specific routers but in this case I will. Look at asus rt-ac86u running merlin firmware. There are a couple fancier ones that also use this family of cpu but this one is cheaper.

The primary reason for this router is it has a hardware VPN assist on the router. Unlike most other routers that will bottleneck at say 30mbps this one can easily exceed 200mbps running vpn.

The second reason is for the merlin firmware. Most router you find a function that allows the switch part of the chip to do the NAT bypassing the main CPU. If you do not have this feature and you have a highspeed internet you will bottleneck in the 250mps range. The merlin firmware has the ability to use the hardware assist unlike most other third party....I forget exactly why.

The merlin firmware is not as advanced as dd-wrt or tomato but most the features are not used by a lot of people. It does have one of the best vpn setups there is.