Question Need router with wan clan support

Jul 28, 2022
Hi, my fibre ISP uses VLAN 35 for internet. I have been using Asus rt-n56u for the past 10 years but recently died.
I'm looking for a new router that can do vlan tagging on the wan port and still have lan access.
Currently my setup is fiber>mc220>rt-n56u. Vlan 35 to port 1,2and 3. Port 4 is vlan 36. I have internet and lan traffic.

I bought a Netgear ax4 but it passes through the vlan to the port but doesn't provide lan access as what ever device is on that port pulls an up from the ISP.

What I'd like to have is similar to what I have now or a switch/router with a spf port. Something that can give me internet access on vlan 35 and still have lan traffic through the same port without needing 3devices.

I'm currently using my ISP router on dmz to my Netgear but I want to bypass the ISP junk completely like I have before. New says towers cannot do vlan, Merlin doesn't have a GUI for clan on most of the supported models and I've never tried openwrt.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a piece of equipment? It's irritating that 10+ yr old tech can do it but having a hard time locking down something faster.

Thanks ahead of time for the replies.