Question Need some help about headset

Jan 18, 2019
Hi i got a Logitech G930 but i want to buy new one. Wireless headsets are so comfortable but expensive i need some advice.
for now im thinking around Arctis 5 2019 edition or adata emix h30 solo-f30 bundle are theese headsets better than mine What should i do any idea? Sorry about bad english by the way ^^


Audio/sound perception is subjective.

How do you define "better"?

Read headset product reviews by verified purchasers and professional reviews via websites such as Tom's.

Identify three or four headsets that have reviews acceptable to you. Then go out and try on the headsets anywhere you can find them: stores, family, friends.

What do you consider, with respect to wireless, expensive? What is your budget?

There are always trade-offs: price vs hardware quality vs sound fidelity, etc..

How music sounds to anyone individual is subjective. Some folks, no disrespect intended, are quite content with headsets that may sound tinny to me

However, my choice of headsets, may be too much bass for other listeners.

Just listen to as many different headsets as you can. Identify the headsets you like and that are within your budget.

Then you will know what headset to buy.


The Arctis are very comfortable and open sounding. Issue is that you may like something else once you try it. I like the HyperX Alpha series over the Arctis and I own both, main thing for me is the Alphas have a lot more isolation and have a better low end to me. Both are good models for "gaming" headsets. My son uses the Arctis and he was happy with either one when he tried them out.

You may even like your Logitech set better once you try others.