Need specific raid setup help


Feb 28, 2009
Hello fellow techies,

First I want to say i did some forum browsing and reading regarding raid already but i need more specific help.

Let me give you a quick overview of my basic system specs currently.

-Windows 7 Ultimate X64
-asus p5q pro
-Core2quad q9400 @ 2.8ghz
-bfg gtx 260 OC
-xfx 9600GSO 768mb dedicated physx
-4gb (soon 8gb) gskill ddr2 1066 pc2 8500
-2x 500gb SATA Seagate Barracuda
-(Spare 1TB Seagate Barracuda)

Im currently Using AHCI with my ICH10R chipset for storage config.

I have always got dreadfully slow data transfer speed approx 10-17mbps.

This pc is mainly for gaming and internet browsing. I have been doing some reading and decided I want to set up a raid 0 array.
I would like to utilize both 500gb and the 1TB barracudas.

I already have my OS installed on one of the 500gb drives. Id like to switch to 3 drive raid 0 without reinstalling windows if possible. Im very good with computers but this is my 1st time using raid.

What is the best way for me to go about setting up this raid array. My idea was to transfer my main drive partition to the 1TB and then set up the 2x 500gb in raid 0
If I do this would i be able to transfer the data back from the 1tb to the 500gb raid setup?

Im a newb when it comes to raid and I have scanned the forum and web but couldnt find a answer for my exact situation.

Also should i stick with the 6x sata ports for the raid or use the 2 silicon image ports for the 500gb drives and enable drive expert?

Thanks in advance for help

PS. When i run the windows experience test. Disk data transfer rate is currently my lowest score @ 5.9
The rest of the catagories are 7.1+


Oct 20, 2008
You will need to reinstall Windows, so get over that... If you have three drives, do a RAID5 setup instead... Use a stand alone card, if you have to move it to another motherboard, you have less issues with hardware... WINDOWS SCORES ARE ***, why worry about it? RAID 0 is less than ZERO, you might just take a hammer to your drives and have more luck!


Feb 28, 2009
Well I was thinking raid 0 just for the fact that most of the reading i have done suggests its best for gaming. Im looking for more speed than I am security.

When I first did this build I honestly thought ahci was the way to go for speed. But to be honest I have a old IDE rig that gets faster data transfer than my current ahci drives..

As far as using a standalone card. I was under the impression the p5q pro had a decent raid controller. And the ICH10R Chipset is really what controls the raid isnt it?
Like I said This is my first endeavor into the world of raid. And thinking raid 0 was the way to go was just based off the majority of the reading I did.

Any other comments or input would be really helpful. I will make the switch to whatever raid i decide tomorrow so still some time to hear more input.

Thanks in advance