Question Need suggestions - New build Windows 7 pro / 64 bit config help


Jun 19, 2016
Need help! I need to have a new computer built that still uses Windows 7 Pro / 64 bit. I am an accountant and have software (mainly for clients) that will not run properly on win 10. I need at least 1-2 tb hard drive, over 8 gb memory but what type of processor would be the best to ask for? I am not a gamer but do alot of accounting / tax programs so I need some speed.

Any ideas of what else to ask for I would appreciate it, I currently work on HP that were custom built by them. Now they don't offer custom built with windows 7 pro. Any idea the price range I might be looking at? I don't want to spend a tremendous amount. Plus I will be moving everything from my current computer to that computer but I can do that normally.

Thanks in advance!!!


We are creatures of habit and most in our office are not the most computer savvy. We have 1 computer that is windows 10 and we have a real learning curve here. The programs we use all are usable on Windows 7. So is it hard to install the "classic shell" and does it interfere with any running items? It would be so much better with our employees to have it on windows 7 look than 10. Thanks for any suggestions.



If it won't work on 10 then installing a 'shell' won't make much difference. It'll just change the look and feel, which to be blunt is not that much difference, there's more between 7 and 8 than 7 and 10. The only thing that looks different is the tiles in the start menu.

If these are 'business' machines and you are making money off them then I'd fiddle with them as little as possible, there are a couple of reasons for this.
  1. Who created that downgrade to get you to win7 look and feel, do you know that this is 100% all that they did, no backdoors, no key loggers, no other malware. If they are not a large company then they could do this with impunity as they would not care if they lost 'sales' because of it.
  2. Who will support it? What happens if it stops working? what happens if a security update breaks it and you lose a few days trying to fix it, a few days across every machine in the office, who will get sacked for that? If it's vanilla windows then the person who manages IT has some defence, if they've installed no-name software then they'll have none.
As to your other question.
The current date for the last win 7 security update is Jan 2020, as a business your supplier should be getting you onto software that works with a live OS, as a business you should be moving to a Live OS (your systems are breached because of an out of date OS, who gets sacked, who do customers sue if you haven't taken reasonable precautions like having a supported OS).

If you are desperate, get a win10 machine and install win7 as a virtual machine, good look finding a legitimate win7 ISO (and it needs to be 100% legit for a business).