Question Need the best PC for a 3 monitor (free sync) system for flight and racing sims.

May 16, 2020
Does any one have advice for the best cpu and graphics board for this kind of application?


Jan 13, 2014
Most of it would go to GPU and CPU and than you need tons of RAM, large fast SSD(s), Best MB and very good PSU to protect your investment.
Tons of RAM does nothing if it's sufficient amount, like 16 gig or 32 gig. Going to 64 gig will do nothing.
With 3 screens, you are limited by GPU first, the amount of VRAM it has because it needs 3 instances of graphics in the GPUs memory. Say a game needs 3 gigs of VRAM on a 1440p screen. Now, if you have 3 screens, you need 9 gigs VRAM.
RTX 2080 would not be enough. It only has 8 gigs. Something like a 2080Ti could do it, maybe.

Second is the CPU. Something along the lines of Intel 9900k. Best for gaming still. Not sure how the 10000-series does, have they released yet?

SSD speeds up loading times. Don't need a humongous one, just one that fits your racing and flight sims.
You only need 1 install of the game after all.
2 options here, SATA SSD which generally tops out at 500 mbytes/s and other is NVME which is around 2000-3000 mbytes/s readspeeds. Writespeed only matters when installing.
If you have a motherboard with PCI-E gen 4, I think those PCI-E-4 NVMEs top out at 5-6000 mbytes/s readspeed.
Samsung is supposed to come out with one.

PSU: Get a good one, like a Seasonic or something. 800-1000 watts should suffice. I'm sure the PSU experts can tell you which ones are feasible. The PSU only needs to power your CPU + GPU and other things on the motherboard. SSDs hardly draw any power (3-10 W) and fans are negligable, like 1 watt per fan.