Question need to know which components to get to make a budget gaming pc for myself

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That's a pretty good suggestion although i somehow get the feeling op wouldn't mind much better performance than what they're willing to settle for and putting feelers out there testing what is possible for least amount of money. My own assumption lol.

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I was mostly suggesting the 1030 on the assumption that OP would buy another board with a 2600k or buy the board you were suggesting - in which, the 1030 would surely work. If he buys his i5-7400, then a 1030 would work there as well.

also I'm puzzled on the gpu situation in the OP's country. My country is poor, Philippines. Over here, some low budget computer shops have a dozen or so old pc's equipped with GTX 750ti, GTX 460, or GT 1030. Because these three gpu's are enough for CSGO and DOTA, which some kids pay coins to play for an hour or so. I'm wondering why the OP is having a hard time obtaining even a GT 1030 or any old gpu of similar strength. Which is why I asked how much a GT 1030 is in his country.
a gt 1030 is 8,000 Rs. of price here (100 dollars)

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Jul 25, 2021
a little bit high, it used to be 60 or 70 dollars..

btw, this is my GT 1030 GDDR5.

if the games you're going to play are from 2015 and below, then a GT 1030 should be enough for those.

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