Question Netgear Extender

Jul 3, 2020
Long story short, my netgear wifi extender that was connecting fine to the router now finds it hard to connect. No change were made in position of any of the devices and nothing new was uploaded in any of the connected devices.

I got on a chat with the support team that lead to someone from the team calling me and based on the investigation, they indicated that my IP address is not secure. Well I am little confused because it worked for almost 2 month now.

I am also confused because I thought that if the router has password protection then it should be good. However, I am trying to understand the protection coverage that I know well about like antivirus, malware and firewall vs what the support team talked about like internet security and IP security and IP address security.

Can someone help me understand and any low cost coverage available.




IP address not secure....? Not sure what they meant by that : hopefully, they are addressing the network in general. Confusing indeed, I think.

Are you able to provide some additional information?

What make and model router do you have?

How are the router and Netgear Extender connected? Have you tried other known working Ethernet cables as applicable?

What IP addresses are you using?

E.g., Is the router and the wifi extender configured as a static (for example only - do not change your existing IP addresses).

Any recent power outages or the possibility that someone reset the Netgear wifi extender?

From the Command Prompt are you able to run and post the results of:

"ipconfig /all"

"arp -a"