Question Network interruptions and event 1014 ?


Sep 28, 2019
Having an issue with one Windows 10 PC in the home. Constant disconnects from the internet and a large amount of warning event 1014 dns service event messages. I believe the warnings are just a result of the loss of connection but I've yet to find what it causing the connection loss. There are 3 pcs in the home all running windows 10 and all connected by ethernet, but only one has this issue. I first though dns server could be an issue for some reason but changing them to google dns servers didn't fix anything.

I tried unhooking the ethernet cable and switching to wi-fi and still the same problem which eliminates it being a problem with the cable or router port. I tried resetting the adapter and having it reinstall drivers and updated the driver afterwards. Neither solves the issue. Checking the error log it seems the pc has been having this issue for months to some degree, basically since it was purchased. I'm unsure at the moment where I want to go from here to solve the issue.