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Question Network issues ( Weird one )

Jul 21, 2021
I started with a 10850-k with the Z490 board that had networking issues.

Got a Ethernet PCIE card to fix that.

Problem is, my Ethernet is behaving extremely strangely.

If It has no load, it basically just shuts off. If I am gaming, it works flawlessly. If I am streaming, it works flawlessly. If I go to just browse the internet, it starts causing serious problems.

It will either take forever to load something, not load it at all or just straight shut off my connection, requiring a full restart to get it back on.

I have completely removed the I225V controller from my computer.
I have shut off all the power sleep options for anything it could remotely effect.
I shut off Green Ethernet and Energy efficient Ethernet.
I have updated all the drivers for the LAN card.
It is not my modem/router, as it has the exact same settings as my old rig that still works just fine.

Only thing I can think of is some type of conflict between wireless and ethernet, but that doesn't seem to be a regular occurrence.
The 2.5g ports have all kinds of strange issues. You would think the vendors would have done a better job. Most people find a driver that works for them and then prevent microsoft from updating it. In your case getting a completely difference board and chipset is another way to solve that issue.

Do you get any errors in the event viewer. What looks different in the IPCONFIG command when it works and it does not. Is the port actually in a disconnected state. Do you still have IP addresses. Can you ping the router IP.