Question Network keeps cutting out every few seconds

Aug 19, 2021
So i've been having this issue for a while now and I thought it was just a faulty ethernet cable so I ordered a new one and it worked fine for a week or so until today when out of nowhere its back to cutting out.

For example, ill be in a discord call and my internet will cut out and everyone's screens will freeze and audio cuts out for at least a few seconds. Sometimes its so bad that they're frozen more than they arent. The weird thing is that they can still see my camera, screen share, and hear me while I'm frozen so I'm still connected and they can see me perfectly fine. Im not sure what could be causing this.

Does anyone have any ideas for things I can do to fix this?
I have at&t internet
Do you get any kind of message or indicator on your PC. If it was a ethernet cable you would get a red network disconnected icon.

When it goes down use the IPCONFIG commands and see the status you your ethernet port. I suspect it will be fine.

Open a couple cmd windows in the background. Leave a constant ping command run to your router IP and to some common ip like

This is to determine if you lose connection to your router or you are losing the internet. You should see timeout messages when it fails.

If you find it is fine to your router but loss to google dns ie you could try to call the ISP and see if they can test. Maybe you get lucky and they will see something and not try to blame your pc or router. It all depends on how often it happens, it really needs to happen while you have the ISP on the phone for them to see it for sure.