[SOLVED] Network Setup in Concrete Walled Bungalow

Jan 18, 2019
I am new to the forum and have a question regarding setting up a network in a single storey house with concrete walls. Currently I have one Wi-Fi router which devices struggle to connect to unless they are in the adjacent room. I have wired the house with cat six cables and my intent was to set up the network as per the below drawing. Any feedback, alterations, product recommendations would be greatly appreciated as I am a little out of my depth when I come to networking. My main concern is the POE access points which I am unsure as to how I will supply power.
Thanks in advance!
If you want real AP I would look at a company called ubiquiti. They sell equipment that has many features high end enterprise equipment has for prices that are about the same as cheap consumer grade equipment. The main advantage to ubiquiti is they give away a central controller software that many commercial vendors charge a lot of money for.

The best way to power AP is with a PoE switch. Unfortunately you need to be careful with the term PoE since there are many proprietary power systems.

What you want to look for is the terms 802.3af or 802.3at. These are the forms of PoE based on standard and work between all vendors that support it.

The key to buying a PoE switch is what is called the power budget. You need to buy one that has enough power to run all the devices you connect to it. In general you can use the 15watt number and multiply it by the number of devices. The vast majority of devices pull much less than that but if you would buy a poe switch that could put out 100watts of PoE power you could power 6 AP devices.

Be careful not all AP even on ubiquiti site uses 802.3af/at. When you want to power with a switch rather than injectors on every AP you really want to use 802.3 based devices.