Question Network Storage

Feb 14, 2019
Hey all Experts.

I have a question for which I need your help. I have tried looking around the forum and the net in general. But my technical knowledge is not good enough to really understand most of the answers that I have found.

The questions is this:
I run a small company where we work with 3d assets (Blender), Unity3d, psd files and audio files. At the moment we use external harddrives with labels on them to store the assets for the different projects. This method came from being two people, to now being 7 people and not thinking about IT scaling.
I would really like to have a server where we can store the different assets and being able to have some version control. I looked into gitlab, Google cloud storage, but the internet connection where we are located are really not optimal for cloud storage.

Is there some local server, like NAS or something that we can use, which won't die from having seven people working on the server or getting think from at the same time?
Something like those WD book/NAS looked like something that might work, but I am unsure that they can handle so many people at the same time? They look like something that is for personal use.

All the best to everyone, happy valentines day.

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